It is often difficult to find short  but useful topics for toolbox talks that are expressed in plain English. Not any more! At TOOLBOXTALK.COM you will find a wide range of topics to make people think and make your toolbox talks have more impact.

  1. If you are a Safety Adviser you will have access to a range of topics you can turn into presentations, discussions and exercises for toolbox talks and safety meetings.
  2. If you are an HSE Manager or Operations Manager some of the safety topics will spur some thinking about how to make your safety efforts even more effective and get more from your safety budget.
  3. With time, will to be a central resource for upcoming safety training events and workshops, as well as useful safety publications.
  4. A quick “Products Finder” will give you quick links to suppliers of safety related materials, equipment, tools and software.


Dr Bill Robb - The Ethics Doctor

WHAT MORE CAN YOU DO IN TOOLBOX TALKS? That’s the challenge isn’t it? At the start of every job we make sure everyone knows what they have to do, what the risks are and how we have put controls in place. We may review the risk assessment. That is great and necessary. However, we should do a bit more to add value to out toolbox talks – getting people to think about what more they could do to protect themselves and others. That’s what the topics on this website will do.

Your feedback is always welcome.

I am always available to advise on behavioural safety topics, safety leadership and safety observation systems, so email or telephone – no obligation whatsoever. You can see my credentials here. +44 (0) 773 857 1945