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TOOLBOXTALK.COM has been developed by Dr Bill Robb of Safety Improvers to provide a easy-to-use resource for safety advisers, safety officers and Safety Managers.

pic3 Glasgow-born Dr Bill is based in Aberdeen, Scotland but travels internationally. “Dr Bill” is an expert on behavioural safety.

After analysing hundreds of accidents and incidents and giving hundreds of face-to-face workshops, for major organisations in a variety of industries Bill has accumulated a wealth of frontline practical wisdom on behavioural safety – including the seven “behavioural traps”.

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Using straightforward psychological approaches, Bill has developed, unique range of innovative and unique practical behavioural safety tools and workshops that get to the heart of the matter. The one-hour workshop “What is REALLY hurting us” will reveal our own behaviours which sometimes make us override our procedures, training and common sense,


Dr Bill is based in Aberdeen but travels internationally, and has been conducting workshops for major oil and gas companies, drilling companies and shipping companies. He edits the free electronic newsletter which goes to over 8200 colleagues and has published manuals on safety leadership, safety culture, human error reduction, child safety, behavioural safety and improving safety systems.


Dr Bill_2He is a guest speaker at company events and for professional bodies such as delivers the Society of Petroleum Engineers, the International Association of Drilling Contractors, Emerging Leaders Alliance and the Marine Safety Forum. You can see more details here:


In July 2010, Bill received an award from the Aberdeen Branch of the Society of Petroleum Engineers for his outstanding contribution to health and safety in the oil and gas industry. He has doctoral degrees from the University of Glasgow and the University of South Africa.